Apr 01, 2020
Back Soon, Together We Will Shine Again

As everyone would agree it’s been a very tough and challenging few weeks for each and every person in business and all their employees. This situation is out of our control and is affecting everyone.

But in the midst of uncertainty and despair we have seen charitable working and the community coming together like never before, businesses have adapted where they can, the grocery sector is changed beyond recognition and hats off to the small grocery stores that reacted so quickly getting g social spacing markers, screens and so much more to enable people to get their essential.

Shopping local has become very important and everyone has looked around them to see what services they can get when it’s difficult to get around and when money is tight.

When restrictions are lifted we are making a call for everyone to more than ever support your local businesses. They will need you more than ever to keep their doors open.

Here at ShopLK we are encoutraging everyone to remember that ShopLK gift cards can still be purchased online and sent to your relatives and friends to be spent when we are allowed to shop again.  Our 210 outlets will be delighted to accept the cards with the same enthusiasm as ever.

Our reminder is to follow all the guidelines, STAY AT HOME, KEEP PHYSICAL DISTANCE, WASH YOUR HANDS, BE SAFE.
If we do this our healthcare workers will be able to continue to care for our loved ones safely.

We are all in this together and together we can be as strong a community as we can.

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