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Dec 11, 2019

Want to wow your guests and keep all your bar essentials together in one beautiful, eye-catching display? Then why not create a Christmas bar cart this festive season! A stylish addition to any living room space! Here are the six things you need to create a party-perfect stocked bar:

1. A Trolly Cart: A beautiful trolly is the perfect display piece for all your bar equipment, bottles, glassware and accessories! Some include wheels for easy serving whilst others can sit stationary as a classy corner feature! I’ve spotted a few around town in stores such as Cooney’s Home and Garden Centre and Classic Blinds & Interiors.

2. Drinks and Ingredients: Drinks will form the main part of your bar cart so it’s important to choose wisely, depending on your tastes, your budget and what you think your guests might like. Variety is key and you can purchase various cocktail ingredients or even ready-made cocktail mixes. Drinks such as whiskey, port, rum, wine, prosecco and champagne will add variety to your cart and decorative, colourful bottles will add that extra touch of class. Don’t forget to have mixers on hand such as soda water, tonic, sparkling water and fruit juice. You can also purchase prepacked gin-based drink ingredients and fresh fruit for your drinks.

3. Bar Equipment: If you intend on shaking up colourful cocktails for your party guests, you will need the right equipment. Various pieces such as jiggers, strainers, ice buckets, cocktail spoons and other essentials can be found at various ShopLK outlets such as Menarys, TKMaxx, Cooney’s Home and Garden Centre amongst others.

4. Glassware: Whether you need balloon glasses for gin loving friends, martini glasses for classic cocktails or decorative glasses to match your décor, you can find many of these at homeware outlets across town. Don’t forget to pick up some carafes for iced water, cordials and mixers.

5. Bar Accessories: Accessories can add sparkle and colour to your bar cart. You can choose items that match your décor or that add to the Christmas theme. Accessories can include gold paper straws, napkins, cocktail sticks, stirrers, cocktail umbrellas, coasters and plates for snacks. You will also need containers for these items, such as little vases and plates, which of course can be selected with the theme in mind.

6. Decorations: Add the finishing touches to your home bar with items such as little vases of flowers, a Christmas candle, a bowl of scented dried fruit or even some holly!

Additional Tips:

1. If you’ve purchased lots of bottles but have little room on your bar cart, why not pick up a stylish bottle rack in any one of our ShopLK homeware outlets.

2. Keep alcoholic drinks on top of your cart and the mixers on the bottom.

3. Make sure you have a clear area at the top of the cart for preparing drinks and fruit.

4. Don’t forget to have ice cubes chilling in the freezer in advance.

Now that you know what you need to create the perfect bar cart, check out the list of ShopLK members on our ‘Browse Shops’ page. Have a #MerryandBright Christmas! #DrinkAware #DrinkResponsibly

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