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SHOPLK Blog – Gardens

Welcome to the ShopLK Blog, where we are returning this Spring with our incredible garden and outdoor retailers. With the warm weather (hopefully) around the corner what better time to swing by and see the faces and spaces that help us breathe life into our gardens. So, let’s dive right in and see what your ShopLK can bring to your Summer 2024!

Homebase — Letterkenny Retail Park

Our journey begins at Homebase, at the Letterkenny Retail Park. Homebase, while known the world over, it has an undeniable local charm. Stepping into the store, I found myself greeted not only with a vast range of household products, but a warm and friendly staff. Truthfully, not knowing a whole lot about home improvement, I felt a bit out of my element, but the staff were so approachable and friendly I was immediately put at ease. Its so easy to write off large chains as impersonable, when the truth is quite the opposite. They patiently listened to what I needed, not guiding me toward a sale but a solution tailored to my needs. 

Thanks again to the wonderful team there,  Andrew, Pauric, Phillip, Erin, and Catherine! 

Creative Landscaping Works — Lisnennan, Letterkenny

Next, I called around to Creative Landscaping Works in Lisnennan, where I was greeted by the sounds rhythmic hammering of Chris and Paddy crafting yet another masterpiece in their workshop. I, not wanting to interrupt the creative process asked Jeanette to walk me around the outdoor lot. And it was here I could see in closer detail the attention and craftsmanship in each piece. Large pergolas, lush artificial grass, outdoor play equipment, and everything in between. The staff, much like the business, exudes an authentic charm you can’t anywhere else, they put as much care and craft into the customer experience as they do for their builds, and it really shows. 

Thanks to Chris, Paddy, and Jeanette. 


Letterkenny Tool Hire — Pinehill Industrial Estate, Mountain Top

At Letterkenny Tool Hire, it's all about getting the job done, no matter the size. Whether you're tackling a big project or a small DIY task, they have the perfect tool for the job. And when it comes to customer service, Kevin stands tall – quite literally, he's incredibly tall. With his friendly and expert advice, you'll leave feeling confident and equipped for your project. So, next time you need a lawnmower or any other tool, remember Letterkenny Tool Hire has you covered!

Thanks Kevin!

Robert Kee Power Equipment — Derry Road 
Remaining on the theme of undertaking big garden projects, I found my way to Robert Kee Power Equipment on the Derry Road. I was greeted by a massive showroom filled with an impressive array of garden tools and equipment. From leaf blowers to power tools, even robotic lawn mowers. Despite hi-tech offerings, the customer service was anything but robotic. Paul and Christie were an outstanding duo, they have the in-depth knowledge that only comes with years of experience. Whatever the garden project big or small I can’t recommend them enough!

Thanks, Paul and Christie!


Cooneys — Letterkenny Retail Park

Calling around to Cooneys, I found myself reflecting on the reasons that we cherish our gardens so much. While some love gardening, or having the perfect lawn, for me, it’s always been about the family barbecue. Theres a primordial aspect to it, the sounds of laughter as we gather around, the smell of the charcoal in the evening air. I was delighted to discover their range of Traeger Grills, which can work with either gas or charcoal. I couldn’t pass the Ooni Pizza Ovens, while we might not get the Italian weather, we can certainly get the Italian taste thank to this. 

Thanks so much to the wonderful team there!


Alcorn’s Garden Centre — Loughnagin, Letterkenny,

Any list of Garden Centres would be incomplete without a trip to Alcrons. Truthfully, I had hoped to visit on a sunnier day, but the Irish weather had other plans, and I found myself embracing the rain alongside the flowers I wanted to photograph. During my visit, I met Craig who kindly guided me through the vibrant displays of flowers, trees, and furniture. However, I didn’t see any bedding plants. I asked Craig and he explained their approach: they were holding them back, waiting until the plants were ready to make sure the customers got a quality product. It well explains why people love Alcorns, they have a commitment to customers, they won’t sell a vine before its time and that’s why its special. In a competitive market, Alcorns puts the customer first and shows why patience is often the most important part of gardening. 

Thanks Alan, Craig, and Jake for showing us around!


JYSK — Letterkenny Retail Park

Last but not least, our latest member JYSK joined at just the perfect time for this  feature. Its an incredible space to explore if you’re hunting down the perfect addition to your garden. While this blog has already focused on bespoke, artisan pieces, but there’s something to be said about having choice in your purchase. With an impressive catalogue of outdoor pieces and an incredible selection of colours and materials to choose from. From cozy loungers to elegant dining sets, your options are abundant! The staff are delightful, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor living experience.


Massive thanks to their wonderful staff, Mark, Oonagh, Megan, Eli, Eva, and Joe!